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Hoodies for men in all colors and styles. At Taktikal Fitness we guarantee a range of high-qualities hoodies which follow the latest fashion trends. With unique fabrics, cuts and prints to make you look sportive and complement your figure. That is why our hoodies often do not only find their ways into the gym but also for everyday life. 

Rugged and high-quality materials for those who want more from their workout gear.

Our hoodies are made from cotton, fleece, wool,... each with their own specific properties. To serve as a windbreaker or to keep you warm. For the gym or outdoor use. When you are working out it is always a good idea to have a warm hoodie near when you take a break, so your muscles don't cool off. If you often go running outside, wear a pullover with a hood, so you don't lose body heat.


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  • Taktikal Fitness Operator hoodie - unisex
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